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Start9 is, for all intents and purposes, cancelled. This site remains available for archival purposes. See the last blog post for more information.

New stuff on the horizon

by rob55rod/Splitwirez and Reflectronic, 16 February 2018

Hello everyone,
  Development is going well so far. Firstly, we’ve decided to migrate Start9’s extensibility manager to use the Managed Add-In Framework (System.AddIn). MAF is going to assist us with module discovery and communication, stability of the Start9 host program, and backwards-compatibility in the event of major changes to the API down the line. While not using MAF yet, preliminary work has started on a few modules:

Rather than reinventing the wheel, these modules take advantage of WPF’s ResourceDictionary capabilities for skinning purposes, yielding incredible flexibility for skin artists while also ensuring module developers have a much smaller amount of work to do to facilitate skinning.

Related to our efforts to enhancing the codebase quality, the Start9 project, as a whole, on GitHub has been trisected - Start9.Host, Start9.Api, and Start9.SkinDesigner, corresponding to the projects’ respective namespaces. This will make everything easier for everyone to manage everything, and to facilitate getting the Start9.Api onto NuGet. We’ve also decided to give each (planned) module its own repository - we’ll inform you when new developments start related to new modules.

On another note, We’ve started working on a Sticky Note application, entitled Sticky9, as a proof-of-concept of the Start9 API’s uses outside of just modules:

Finally, we’d like to apologize for slow development recently. We’re hoping to speed things up, moving forward…speaking of which, we’re still looking for developers, so if you have experience with C# and are comfortable with .NET 4.0 and WPF, feel free to join our Discord server, we’ll discuss matters further there :OD

If you don’t feel like making a commitment, feel free to fork us! We’ll probably accept your pull request.

Expect more news soon - we’re hoping to update this log more often in the future.