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Start9 is, for all intents and purposes, cancelled. This site remains available for archival purposes. See the last blog post for more information.


A work-in-progress extensible, customizable shell supplement for Windows


Bend your Windows desktop to your will - Start9 is being built for maximum flexibility and minimal constraints.


We’ve made Shale — a design language made to balance the designs of the future while retaining the depth of the past.



Start9 aspires to achieve maximum flexibility, and this is done by making it completely modular. Some Windows shells offer extensibility, but Start9 pretty much is extensibility. Everything is optional, and configurable via a node graph.

Node Graph


Start9 will already be extremely flexible out of the box, but if that’s not enough for you, you can write your own modules, and take advantage of all the same cross-module communication and OS interaction capabilities our modules will benefit from!

A screenshot of the module File Commander, demonstrating the extensibility of Start9